Torrey Pines, San Diego Elopement Guide

Torrey Pines Rules, Regulations and prices to elope:

Some pointers directly from the Torrey Pines website discuss reservations, contacts, private hikes, and fees. You can contact the State Parks Special Event Office at for a Special Event Permit. If you have questions about Torrey Pines in general you can contact the Visitor Center at 858-755-2063 or click on Contact. NOTE: The State Parks Special Event Office is not on-site, but at the Old Town State Park headquarters in San Diego.

Any organized group of people who will be hiking or visiting the Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve are required to apply for a Special Event permit. If hiking, the group must also schedule a docent guided hike. You can arrange for a customized fee-based Docent-guided hike (Special Walk) for any size group (1 – 70 people ). To arrange for a Special Walk or to schedule any other group event, please contact the State Parks Special Event Office at at least three weeks prior to your visit to make your reservation.

Group size: No more than 70, split into groups of 10 or less on trails.

Days/Times offered: Year round; however no groups will be scheduled on holidays or holiday weekends.

Fees: Will vary depending on group size and day of the week. Parking is not included with permits. The average amount is approximately $500 for the day but subject to change based on dates and size.

Groups without reservations will be asked to leave the Reserve immediately and may be cited. The Reserve limits visitors to protect natural resources and for the safety of all trail users.

Please note: Anyone conducting business (profit or non-profit) within the Reserve (photographers, personal trainers, guides, etc.), regardless of group size, must obtain a permit by contacting the Special Events office at or visit the website at

Locations to Elope within Torrey Pines:

No matter where you are in Torrey Pines you can’t go wrong because it is so beautiful around each and every corner of the park. A highly recommended location is Guy Fleming Overlook. Couples recommend it because it can fit approximately 10-20 family and friends to watch you say “I do!”

Where to Stay:

When looking for places to stay for your big day, it is important to find locations that are dependable and also beautiful. It is important to be able to fall back and have a plan B. Staying at a hotel that is beautiful and close to your elopement location can relieve a lot of stress. You can do a first look here, getting ready shots, and so much more. We highly recommend The Lodge at torrey pines. Each morning you’ll wake up to San Diego’s coastal cliffs. 

Final Advice:

Bring your hiking shoes! This is not a location that is realistic to hike in heels. It is possible to bring them for pics but we would not suggest leaving them on. You can save them for the hotel! Also- San Diego is a beautiful place to do bridals and enjoy all of the activities and warm weather. Whether you want to rent a boat or jet skis, go surfing, or hiking we highly recommend an adventure session before or after your big day! 
We hope this guide helps you plan your special day and be more prepared! Whether you just want to go for coffee, have questions, or want to book me I would love to chat!

xo, Carly

Torrey Pines, San Diego Elopement Guide

How to elope in Torrey Pines?